poor, illiterate...! where we are?

Bhanu Pratap
Today (i.e. 29/08/2013) when our photography team is at work in our college, we found this boy deeply involved in playing with sand and we found it to be interesting. so, our cameras started clicking the photographs of that boy.

He asked us what we were doing..?.
I replied “taking your photo :)”
And we started showing him his pics.
He gave a broad smile and went back to his work.

We asked him “what you are doing..?”
Boy: constructing a temple.
We: Which temple?
Boy: jai matha.
We: Who is she.?
Boy: jai matha
We: what does your father do?
Boy: my father is working for this college!!
We: what work?
Boy: he is constructing this college (he means his father is a daily worker in our college working in constructing the new building behind the library).
We: what do you study?
Boy: I don’t study!!!
We: why?
Boy: my father told me that we should not study; people will spoil if they study.
We were left no words..!

Then an old man came to us who is watching what we are doing with this boy from the very beginning. And he told the reason is “his father is poor, illiterate. His father is daily labor, he just working for food”. As he is economically poor, He cannot afford education to this boy.

If there are some of the Organizations or Teams which are present in our college says that they are actively working for the social welfare and to eradicate illiteracy. If so why couldn't these people recognize this boy who is at our home only…?!?!

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